Winter New York Street Photography

It’s been about four months since I last posted some of my photography here. If you’d like to see more of a daily feed, you should check me out on Instagram. I enjoy shooting up until New Years, but always have a very hard time in the bitter cold of January and February when you tense up, your muscles freeze, and your hands slow down. I try to push through though, and at least it’s almost over.

Here are some favorites from the winter. Enjoy!

Yes, this is December in New York.
Yes, this is a butt selfie.

3 thoughts on “Winter New York Street Photography”

  1. Some great shots there I’m coming over in early April and trying to pre plan what minimal gear to bring with me.
    Your fantastic work is inspiring me I’m thinking going light with my trusted fuji xe1 with 27mm lense it’s great for street I’m just worrying if it’s got the width for the wide angles… but sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got..
    Baden UK

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