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Family, Couple, and Engagement Photography


the most important days in your lives. I work with families, couples, and do engagement photography, primarily around the streets of New York, or in homes and apartments. I like to capture people in their environments, as I think this is what will be most memorable in the long term. I have over a decade of experience as a photographer in New York, working with all types of people.

Please feel free to contact me directly to explain your ideas, and I will be happy to create a plan and send you a quote.

View this link to learn more about my Central Park wedding, engagement, and proposal photography.

– James 

Families, Couples, and Engagement
Batman Masks Optional

Explore the City

As you might be able to tell from the rest of my website, one of my biggest strengths is my knowledge of the ins and outs of the most photogenic and interesting locations throughout New York.

Whether you are a local or visitor, let me take you to some of these locations. Alleyways, cast-iron, graffiti, grand architecture, or the best of central park, there is a huge range of possibility.

I might even annoy you with a little history.

Families, Couples, and Engagement Photography
Remember the Day


There is nothing more fun than photographing families and children. Those have been some of my most joyful days as a photographer.

We can explore the most fun areas of Central Park, get down and dirty with some graffiti, or photograph right in your home and in the neighborhood and places that you spend the most time in, so you can remember this time of your life well.

Families, Couples, and Engagement Photography
Socks Optional

Couples and Engagements

Let me take you around the most exciting areas of New York for an adventurous day celebrating the both of you. SoHo, Central Park, the Lower East Side, East Village, the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central, the New York Public Library and more, there are so many vibrant options depending on your aesthetic and interests.

I have also organized some very elaborate and sneaky proposals as well, so let me make you look good on that day. No one has figured it out yet!

View this link to learn more about my Central Park wedding, engagement, and proposal photography.

Families, Couples, and Engagement
Be Yourself

Natural and Comfortable Portraits

As the son of two New York psychiatrists, I always grew up saying I would never become one myself. Yet it was quite a shock one day when I realized how portraiture has a few eerie similarities.

I pride myself in being able to get to know my subjects quickly, and to foster the right environment to be able to capture them naturally.

My goal for this type of work is always to create the most fun day possible, and the memorable images come spontaneously from that. Let’s have an incredibly fun day and capture you all having that fun day.


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James Maher


If you are interested in potentially working together, please email me or feel free to contact me at 917-494-6712.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions and can help you figure out the type of imagery that you need to create. If possible, please include as much detail as possible in your email about your needs, as this will help me provide you with an accurate quote.


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