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Business and Corporate Portrait Photography

Your professional portrait…

is often the first thing that a potential client will see when deciding whether to reach out.

In the Internet and social media world, with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, the faces of your company need to be front and center and will play a large roll in portraying the approachability of your business and employees. These portraits will be seen countless times and in a variety of ways.

I create business portraits for marketing and advertising purposes, for websites, LinkedIn, and social media accounts, and for corporate communication and internal uses. I have over a decade of experience as a New York portrait and headshot photographer, working with businesses and clients of all types.

If you are located outside of New York, I can travel throughout the U.S. Please feel free to contact me directly to explain your needs, and I will be happy to create a plan and send you a quote.

– James


“The team had some really nice feedback for you – noting they really appreciated your coaching / tips and that ‘James is very cool, he makes you feel confident and comfortable. The session was so fun!’ Just thought I’d pass along!”

Molly Sharry – Senior Associate / Marketing Manager – HLB Lighting

New York Portrait Photography, Business and Corporate
On Location

Portraits Done Right in Office

There is no need to leave the office. Your time is valuable, so let me come to you. I specialize in portraits and headshots created right in the workplace, done with a mobile studio.

I work out of conference rooms, offices, waiting areas, and even in the surrounding area outside your business.  Organize a full day of portraits for your employees, with less hassle.

New York Portrait Photography, Business and Corporate
Large Firms and Local Small Businesses

For All Businesses Types and Purposes

Each business is different, and has unique needs from their company portraits. I have worked with a wide variety of companies from around New York and the U.S., from corporate law firms, to aviation executives, to local restaurant and business owners.

I have experience creating a wide-variety of portraiture and would be happy to help you plan out the type of imagery that will best suit your needs.

Choose Your Style

Set Papers or Office Backgrounds

Choose between professional headshots done on plain or textured backgrounds, or a portrait session using elements of your office as backgrounds. Or choose both.

If you want formal, casual, or a little of each, we can do it. Either way, we will make you look approachable and professional.

New York Portrait Photography, Business and Corporate
Be Yourself

Natural and Comfortable Portraits

As the son of two New York psychiatrists, I always grew up saying I would never become one myself. Yet it was quite a shock one day when I realized how portraiture has a few eerie similarities. You need to be able to get a person to open up to you quickly, often in only 15 minutes, and sometimes in only five minutes in the middle of their busy day.

I pride myself in being able to get to know my subjects quickly, and to foster the right environment to be able to capture them naturally.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that a session wasn’t quite as bad as going to the dentist. From the section of people who hate having their portraits taken, this is the best compliment I can possibly hear.


My retouching style is to clean up faces and photos without having the photo feel like they were retouched. I want people to look their best but still look like themselves.

It’s a subtle but detailed style of retouching that I originally learned from commercial retouchers and have refined over the years. (Although I do have the ability to do more extreme changes whenever needed).

Here are examples of a few before and after photos of my work.  


(917) 494-6712

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James Maher


If you are interested in potentially working together, please email me or feel free to contact me at 917-494-6712.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions and can help you figure out the type of imagery that you need to create. If possible, please include as much detail as possible in your email about your needs, as this will help me provide you with an accurate quote.


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