Editing and Putting Together a Portfolio in Street Photography


An Introduction to Street Photography: from Beginner to Advanced Topics

Editing and Putting Together a Portfolio in Street Photography

Craft Your Vision

Are you looking to gain control of your editing, focus your work, and understand all the ins-and-outs of the process?

It’s not as hard as you think.

This course is for any photographer looking to get comfortable with the entire editing process in 3.5 hours. From start to finish.

It’s a necessary step because we all know shooting is only half the battle.

But what do you do with those thousands of random spur-of-the-moment photographs?

How do you find and organize the best photographs, make them look as good as possible, and then turn them into a strong portfolio or into cohesive projects?

We all take a ton of bad photographs. It’s the best photographers who can learn to weed out the strongest work, organize them correctly, and figure out how to build a vision.

And it’s fun!

Only $40 with a money-back guarantee.

Subways, The Best and Most Unique Photo Places in NYC


From Start to Finish in the Editing Process (using Lightroom)

This video course shows you my entire editing process from beginning to end in Lightroom Classic – every detail that I use to organize, edit, export, create book mockups, and print is covered.

I take you through my projects and talk about how I grew them and sequenced them.

We’ll talk about editing philosophies, including imperfection, consistency and style, and building your own projects and portfolios.

We’ll also look at many examples of how I edit a variety of photographs and evaluate the work of five photographers with completely different styles.

This class uses Lightroom Classic, and it will give you full knowledge of how to use the program from start to finish.

While I don’t cover every single random aspect of Lightroom, I focus on what you need to know about the program and what I use, which will make it much easier to learn the program without much difficulty.

And even if you use an editing program other than Lightroom or Lightroom CC, the class will translate and still help you improve your editing.

SoHo, The Best and Most Unique Photo Places in NYC


Bonus: – An Introduction to Street Photography: from Beginner to Advanced Topics Bundle

This hour and fifteen-minute presentation will cover a wide range of street photography topics, beginning with an introduction to the genre and progressing through intermediate and advanced topics.

We will cover everything from how to set up and use your camera, to tips and tricks to make street photography easier and more comfortable, to street photography in quiet and suburban areas, and to overall conceptual issues in street photography, such as telling a story and creating a portfolio or project.

This video will cover it all.

Only $40 with a money-back guarantee.


“First, I have to say that this was WELL worth taking.  I felt I had gotten my money’s worth in just the first 4 modules – seriously!  Then the added treat of your 20 example photos, tips on the book markups, looking through your projects, and to top it off the 5 photographers you highlight – this was one VERY rich course, packed with practical tips and intriguing ideas.”

– Emily Passino


What Are The Videos?

  1. Introduction
  2. Editing and Lightroom, a Lay of the Land
  3. Importing
  4. Organizing Your Archive: The Star System, Keywording, and Collections
  5. Editing and Developing your Files
  6. 20 Editing Examples
  7. Exporting
  8. Printing (with Photoshop)
  9. Creating Book Mockups
  10. Evaluating Luxe City, 100 Greene Street, and Quiet Brooklyn
  11. Consistency, Projects, and Portfolios
  12. Evaluating Five Photographers
  13. Concluding Remarks
  14. *Bonus Content* An Introduction to Street Photography: From Beginner to Advanced Topics



James Maher BioAbout James: James has lived in New York for his entire life (besides a 5 year stint in Madison, Wisconsin, but he doesn’t want to talk about that.) Like many Manhattanites, he is a terrible driver and cook, but he’s an excellent navigator.

He has been practicing the art of street photography since he first picked up a camera, has worked as a portrait and fine art photographer in New York since 2005, has had a regular feature for the NY Daily News reporting on different neighborhoods of the City through street portraits and interviews with locals, is a certified New York tour and workshop guide, and has sold and licensed his photography of New York to collectors and companies from around the world.

James is the author of The Essentials of Street Photography and The New York Photographer’s Travel Guide.

Read James’ article on exploring and photographing New York, featured in Digital Photographer Magazine.


60-Day, No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, if you have not learned anything that you did not already know, or if you did not receive sufficient inspiration from this book, then I will send you a full refund.

I am confident that this course will give you a deeper understanding in how you approach your editing, portfolio, and projects.


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Only $40 with a money-back guarantee.

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