4 thoughts on “October Street Photography”

  1. Street photography has always been one of my favorite style. It captures the real beauty of every chosen subject. And I admire how you manage to take all these awesome photographs. Every photo has its own story and I appreciate how you provide the candidness and natural outcome to each of it. I also love the black and white photos. It adds a bit more drama in an interesting way. The colored parts were also very powerful and brilliant. Great job, James.

  2. James,
    Photo number 7, the one with the man looking out the window while two men on the street hunched over looking at phones, is my favorite.

    I am looking forward to your “The Real New York Soho with James Maher” field trip via the Princeton Photo Workshop. I’m hoping to bring a single lens — 35 mm or 50 mm. I have no experience with street photography so this should be both fun and challenging.

    1. It will be a lot of fun Khurt! We’ll get you up to speed. 35 and 50mm are my two favorite focal lengths so you can’t go wrong with either. Looking forward to meeting you!

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