5 thoughts on “June NYC Street Photography”

  1. Nice photos…Good work! Although I’d get rid of the last subway shot. The shadows are too noisy and photo is kinda fuzzy. If it was something important OK, but it is just a so-so shot even if it had less noise and if it was sharp.

    Also enjoyed the Friedlander article. You always do a well balanced and thorough job. Never disappointed.

    Friedlander gave a talk at NYC Public Library in June. I was sad I could not attend.

    Here is the video or audio.


    Your limited edition portfolios look impressive. What kind of prints? Inkjet? Offset? Good luck with your sales!

    1. Thanks, and thanks for the Friedlander video! I had heard about this but missed the talk. Looking forward to watching this.

      The focus is on the man on the left and his expression, so I wasn’t worried much about the background being blurred. He’s tack sharp if you look close, and I don’t usually mind noise. The image itself is not my favorite of the group, but I still like the feel that the man gives off.

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