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Announcing a New Website!

It’s so haaaaard to say goodbye (Boyz II Men fans, anybody?), but after eight trusted years, it was time to let my old website go.

Luckily, the new one is brand new and shiny, it works way better, it’s mobile optimized, which apparently is important, and it’s much easier to see the photographs. That’s what matters, right?

So check it out, explore, take a look. If you notice any errors on either a computer or mobile device, please leave a comment or contact me. I’m hunting them down!

In addition, to celebrate the launch, I created a couple free things.

If you’d like my work to adorn your computational devices, staring at you wherever you go, I just created a resource of New York computer wallpapers. Included are 15 screen-sized images that can be used as a background for your computer, tablet, or phone, or as a screensaver.

A good portion of you are photographers, and I know some run photography businesses or would like to become full-time in the future. For those of you hearty souls, I created an introductory marketing guide titled, 10 Strategies to Get Your Next Photography Job or to Make Your Next Print Sale.

I promise, there’s nothing about getting 50,000 fans on Instagram or dominating Snapchat, whatever that even means.

8 thoughts on “Announcing a New Website!”

  1. James
    We love your e.v grieve column.
    My family m I have lived here since 1972
    Be well! ( Rainer. Sue m Kim

  2. Beautiful new Website! As with the old one, I was immediately engrossed in photos of old New York and New York architecture. I was born on the Lower East Side in 1962 and never knew who Jacob A. Riis was until today.

  3. Why the light grey typography? Not all of us are 25-30 year olds—this geyser is pushing 70. A darker typeface against the light back ground would be easier on the old eyes.
    Great blog, nice written style, interesting & pertinent content.
    Thanks. Chris in Toronto.

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