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My name is James and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am assuming you are looking for a photographer in Manhattan by reading this. 

Please email me with the details of your job and hopefully we can work together!

Manhattan Portrait Photography

I have been a Manhattan and New York portrait photographer since 2004, along with event, family and business photography work. I have worked in all types of environments and with all types of people.

I also use a portable studio to allow me to easily work out businesses, offices and conference rooms, homes, and around the city.

I think collaboration and good communication is incredibly important, but also I just love meeting new people and working to capture photos that show their spirit. I like the challenge of elaborate shoots and the simplicity of simple ones. But most importantly, we need to make you feel as comfortable as possible during a shoot.

I also have a lost of post-production and retouching experience, learning from both the School of Visual Arts and with commercial retouchers and photographers early in my career. I retouch in a detailed but subtle way.

James Maher, New York Portrait Photographer

Photography Services

New York Portrait Photography, Business and Corporate

Business and Corporate Portraits

I work with all varieties of businesses to capture photography for marketing, website, and corporate communications. I do a lot of website headshots as well as more elaborate communications work.

I travel with an efficient mobile studio to allow us to work out of your office or space, with your choice of background. We can use your office as a background or find the right locations around the city. And we can redo your portraits for the entire office with the addition of makeup and hair.

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New York Creative Portrait Photography, Actor and Musician Headshots

Creative Professional Portraits

One of my favorite things is working with people who work in creative industries to capture interesting portraits that both what you do and who you are.

From actor headshots to elaborate shoos around the city, the goal is to capture your spirit, and have fun at the same time.

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New York Family, Couple, and Engagement Photography

Families and Engagements

One of the best parts of this job is learning about the people you meet. I’m also a history guide, so I have fun telling stories about areas of the city (when time and situation permits) and I love to photograph entire families.

I would be delighted to photograph you and your family and friends to help capture memories.

Growing up a few blocks from the Park, I also specialize in Central Park engagements, proposals, and weddings.

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New York Conference and Event Photography

Events & Business Conferences

Since 2006, I’ve been working with businesses and conferences of all types in a wide variety of venues.

I’ve felt lucky to work an event capturing tennis professionals on a full tennis court in the Grand Hyatt, and for the Facebook IPO in the whale room at the Natural History Museum and in countless business conferences. My favorite was an insurance industry event on climate change and natural disasters.

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My post-production work is clean and efficient and my retouching style is to clean up faces and photos but in a subtle way so everything looks real. I want people to look like themselves, but the best version of that.

It’s a detailed but subtle way of retouching that was learned and refined from a variety of commercial retouchers. (And I do have the ability to do more extreme changes whenever needed).

What is working with me like?

As the offspring of two Manhattan psychiatrists, I never wanted to follow in their paths. Yet it was a fascinating realization one day about how portraiture some big similarities. You need to intuitive with people to work with them to open up to you quickly.

I love to get to know people and to foster the right environment to capture them naturally.


(917) 494-6712

[email protected]

A little about me

I was born and raised in Manhattan, on 94th Street on the Upper West Side, and I now live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn with my wife, Sara, and son, Avery.

I love the Knicks, and I got my driver’s license at age 30 (like any true Manhattanite should). I also create documentary and city photography, run photo workshops. (I’m a certified history guide), and I love writing.


Now let’s talk about you and your job

Please email me with the details of your job and I can create a quote for you. I hope to be able to work with you!

– James Maher


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