Upcoming Street Photography Events, Festivals, and Exhibitions

Travel the world and gain inspiration and education from these leading eight international street photography festivals and events. Festivals typically include contests, exhibitions, lectures, photowalks and workshops, and networking events.


Miami Street Photography FestivalMiami Street Photography Festival

The Miami Street Photography Festival is one of the leading and largest street and documentary photography events in the world. It has exhibitions in Miami, Milan, and soon New York City. The event includes contests where finalists are exhibit, a leading selection of judges, teachers, and speakers, and workshops.

2020: TBD

2019: December 5-8th


Street Week in LA, LACPStreet Week in LA

Now on its 6th year, what started as a weekend is now a full week of street photography events run by the Los Angeles Center of Photography. Street week includes a contest with a first prize of $1,000 and an exhibition that serves as an opening reception for the event, presentations, panels, and multiple half-day, full-day, and two-day workshops with a variety of teachers.

2020: February 3-10th



London Street Photography FestivalLondon Street Photography Festival

The London Street Photography Festival is a non-profit international event that serves to showcase and promote street photography through networking, exhibitions, lectures and workshops with a variety of established street photographers, and a competition. 

2020: TBD

2019: August 23-25th


Street Foto San FranciscoStreet Foto San Francisco Festival

Street Foto San Francisco has it all, including events, exhibitions, photowalks, and lectures with a variety of fantastic photographers. There is an International Street Photography Awards competition and portfolio reviews.

2020: TBD

2019: June 3-9th


Italian Street Photo FestivalItalian Street Photo Festival

ISPF has the goal of promoting street photography working with influential street photographers to put on lectures, exhibitions, contests, workshops and photowalks. And it takes place in Rome!

2020: April 24th-26th



Luxembourg Street Photography FestivalLuxembourg Street Photography Festival

The Luxembourg Street Photography Festival is an annual event put on by the Street Photography Luxembourg Collective. The event includes an exhibition, conferences and lectures, a portfolio review, a slide night, workshops, book presentations, and an open wall for anyone who wants to share their work with the public.

2020: May 7-10th



Aussie Street Photography FestivalAussie Street Photography Festival

The Aussie Street Photography Festival holds both local and international competitions, artist lectures, exhibitions, and workshops given by a fantastic collection of photographers.

2020: TBD

2019: September 19-22nd 


Brussels Street Photography FestivalBrussels Street Photography Festival

The Brussels Street Photography Festival aims to promote the culture of street photography as “an urban research tool, a form of cultural communication, and a visual art.” They aim to explore the visual elements that define Brussels on a local and global scale. The festival includes photography contests and a variety of exhibitions.

2020: TBD

2019: November 30th


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