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Quantity vs. Quality of Fans for Photographers

This chapter is an excerpt from the in-depth e-book, Creative Freelance Marketing for Photographers.

When allocating your marketing time, it is imperative to understand the distinction between quality versus quantity of fans.

It is so easy to obsess about Google Analytics and traffic numbers as a representation for how successful your business is becoming; however, these figures can be severely misleading. I had this realization when my income pace grew 60% over the course of a year, but my website traffic stayed nearly the same from the previous year.

A large number of clients were not responsible for the rise in income – it was only a select local few.

Stay focused on how to reach high-quality traffic. A mailing list of 500 people who have done business with you in the past is significantly more valuable than a Facebook business page with 2,000 followers that you have never met.

You can spend a year doing all the online marketing you can handle, gain thousands of followers, and make great strides online, and that still might not equal the same amount of income as reaching out to a handful of influential people in your community. You will ultimately want to reach as many people as possible, but that takes time and dedication, and the payoff from that work is not immediate.

If you need income, it can be much easier to get it early on by offering something of high value to a smaller and more targeted group of people, although this depends on your business and business model.

Reaching a lot of people will be a goal for most of you, but it should not be the only goal, and it will go nowhere if you do not have a plan for what to do with those people once they are following you.

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