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New York Headshots and Portraits

Your professional portrait…

is more important than ever. It’s a first impression that will make people more comfortable to reach out and work with you.

In our 24/7 Internet and social media world, your face needs to be out in front and will help to make your business and craft more approachable. These portraits will be used in so many ways.

I work with people to help show their best selves and to help their marketing, advertising, and internal communications. I have nearly two decades of experience as a New York headshot photographer, working with all types of people in a wide variety of environments.

While a majority of my clients are located in New York City and the surrounding area, I can travel throughout the U.S. Please feel free to contact me to talk about your needs, and I will be happy to create a plan for you.

– James  

New York Portrait Photography, Business and Corporate
On Location

Let Me Come To You

There is no need to leave your office or studio. I use a mobile studio to take the portraits right to you.

I specialize in working on location, whether it’s with portable backdrops or using the location as our background.

I can work out of small studios and rooms, offices and conference rooms, and most places you can imagine.  Let’s schedule a day of portraits with your employees, and much less hassle.

New York Portrait Photography, Business and Corporate
From Large Firms to Individuals

For All Businesses Types and Purposes

Everyone’s needs are different. I work with large businesses and with writers, actors, musicians, and artists.

I have experience with all types of portraiture and would love to help you create exactly what you need.

Choose Your Background

Set Papers or Location Backgrounds

Get a professional headshot done on a white, gray, or black seamless, or any color or shade that you might want. Or let’s use the city or your office environment as the background. Or choose both.

We can go in a formal or casual direction, or we can do both. But most importantly, the goal is to make you look approachable, friendly, and professional.

New York Portrait Photography, Business and Corporate
Be Yourself

Comfortable and Natural Portraits

Over the years, I’ve worked in situations where I have two hours with one person, and 10-minute sessions with 30 people in the middle of their busy day.

Either way, the portraits need to be approachable, and I take pride in being able to pull that off. I always take interest in the people I work with and love learning more about them.

My goal is always to create a comfortable environment.


I have two decades of retouching experience, having learning from the School of Visual Arts and from working with many commercial retouchers and photographers over the years.

My goal is to make you look your best, to clean up photos, but to have them still feeling natural and like you. I don’t want your photos to feel fake.

I retouch in a detailed but subtle way to achieve this, although I also have the ability to do more extreme alterations.

Here are some before and after examples.  


(917) 494-6712

[email protected]

James Maher


If you would like to work together, or just fake a question, please feel free to email me or contact me at 917-494-6712.

I would love to answer any of your questions and help to create a plan for you. When contacting, please give as much information as you can, so I can give you an accurate quote.


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