Jimmy The Photo Assistant

Please click the face icon on the bottom right to activate Jimmy and ask some questions!

If you can provide feedback, so I can see how you might best use it along with the accuracy of the answers, that would be very helpful. And also please keep in mind that since it is processor intensive (i.e. a little expensive), please limit your session to a maximum of 5 questions. Thank you!

Copy and paste your question and answers into this editable Google Doc (opens in new window): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xYc9OW7sd7Qe7DaKA6jxCzox2tbiMKZnBZdNd2sC9Wg/edit

Some Sample Question Ideas:

Can you define street photography for me?

What’s the best way to export photos for the the photo salon?

I’m shooting street photography in the city today and it’s a sunny day. How should I set my camera?

What are some overall insights from James Maher’s comments about people’s photographs on the photo salon?

What neighborhoods are good to photograph in New York?

Give me some advice for photographing the suburbs or mundane places.

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