Chrysler Building Spire

Executive Suites

Speaking of the Barclays… This above photo illustration of the Chrysler Building Spire sells the most for me, by far. It’s not hard to see why. It pops through the fog of the internet; it’s classic and simple. Safe, but with edges. People sometimes ask how I took it and I have no idea how […]

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The $1,200 Hoodie

Am I really about to justify a $1,200 hooded sweatshirt? Between Spring and Broome, on Greene St. in SoHo, lies an 1873 French Renaissance architectural masterpiece by Isaac F. Duckworth. The finest example of cast-iron architecture on the finest cast-iron block in the world, it was nicknamed, The King of Greene Street. “Duckworth’s French Second Empire cast

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False Idols

False Idols

The older I get, the more I wonder if the Amish got things right. I remember long-ago vaguely learning about cultures that feel a photograph can steal a person’s soul. More and more I also wonder about the validity of that statement. (And sorry, I tried to research more on this topic but the Google

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Is NYC Safe?

2013 – “Is Harlem safe to visit?” 2017 – “Are the subway’s safe?” I can’t recall the number of times I was asked the Harlem question during Bloomberg’s reign as Mayor (2001-2013), and the subway question during de Blasio’s tenure (2014-2021). Usually, these questions happened on the Manhattan Bridge and near the end of a

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Glass City

What is Glass City?

[We’re renaming the Photo Digest to Glass City, about photography, writing, creativity, and urbanism.   It will be shared every other week, usually on Tuesdays, but that may be subject to change.   I always struggled with what to call the newsletter. Or perhaps it’s better to use the term column, since that has a

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Changing Course

Art and artists from HYPE. I always found it difficult to figure out how to brand myself. It’s easy to call me a street photographer, but what city walking photographer isn’t also somewhat of a street photographer by default? I’m a walker. When all is said and done I hope.. no, I am, a documentarian,

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